Monday, August 29, 2011

Transfer of Blog

Dear all,

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Enjoyable Start, Workaholic Progress, Exhausted Ending

Date: 22.5.2011
Day: Sunday

Today, we went for Paintball. My team lost all three games and I got shot on my left leg. Haha!! I discover some findings or theory from these three games. Winning is not everything (not because I lose all which make me said this J) but the process is the real thing! Winning is only significant and important when there is a clear a significant purpose behind it!

Later on, we went to the theme park to enjoy! Taken some photos of it! Not very nice that place, satisfactory level just about 5/10. However, we did enjoy ourselves, fully let go with all the stresses and proposals to be done.

Was so so tired until my housemates and me was late for the meeting despite holding four high post in the alumni.

Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer(me) and Program Head. Lolz! But for me, I was really really tired and exhausted, added on with the flu and blocked nose, I really have no choice. Later on the whole day, we had an intense meeting and discussion about our Alumni magazine and new proposal for the next trip to overseas for our juniors. My idea was accepted - Social Entrepreneurship as the theme. I really want to know more about this term, to be honest! I must start doing some research about it from now onwards. I want to have a more in depth understanding about this issue.

Our program extended till 1am and everyone went back to have some rest. My Indonesia teammates were still working on the magazine but I went to sleep. I felt sorry team, but I am really exhausted and I could not stand it anymore. I also sorry for can't helping much for the magazine because of my poor level of BM. I will do my best to help you guys out ya!

Good night!

EgoSky - Wincent Ch'ng
Now or Never

Two Quotes to be Shared

Two We can achieve great things when another believes in us

We can move mountains when we believe in ourselves

The journey of life has many beginnings

Each one offering a wealth of opportunity

EgoSky - Wincent Ch'ng
Now or Never

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A day with multiple principles born

Date: 22.5.2011
Day: Saturday

Suddenly decided to write down my diary. I told Joey something when we sms. I told her a sentence that I almost forgot it. I must always remind myself about this.

‘Life is only once. Things that are passed could not be turned back. So, every moment should be filled with the most meaningful and great memories. These memories when forgotten, you would never retrieve again. Therefore, don’t live life, experience it! Now or Never! Make every moment of your life the best and record it down with photos, videos and writings.”

Today, I was still at the Alumni of Delegates to Indonesia and Australia Camp at Bukit Gambang Resort, Pahang. Today was the second day! What a boring morning we had. Had two talks in the morning and I almost slept for both the talks because of the fatigue and the boringness of the speaker. The second speaker talked about leadership. I asked him a question “There is a thin line between overconfident and positive thinking. Is it true and what you think about it?” Honestly, I don’t get the answer he gave me. Haha!

Our schedule was all gone wrong. Our planning and drafting for the magazine session canceled. Good news for us today, but tomorrow will be disaster for us! I learn a good interactive game from high ranked officer who offered RM 100 for the game winners. He is one of the high rank officer in KPT. To be honest, keep in heart. Haha!

We were allowed to return back to our room early today. Most of my friends went swimming but I slept for about 1 hour plus and when they returned back I changed I went to gym. I did something crazy today! After doing my suppose to do workout (biceps, triceps and arms) and 100 times of sit ups, I challenge myself to do another 100 situps before leaving the gym. Oh my god!! I did it!! And after I came back, I develop few theories that I will hold it from today onwards.

“Set realistic, measureable, challenging goals with a timeline. Then, remember to have positive thinking. Don’t think how to reduce the scale when half way doing because of the difficulty. Always think of how to solve the problem in front instead of find a shortcut to avoid it! Visualize it that you have success! Do it until you reach success!”

I really suffered so much and almost gave up when I did that situps! Haha! At night we had a salam mesra activity at the coffee house. Er.. actually it is just like another dinner. Nothing different, just that we had our own space for dinner tonight! I had a great chat with a talented and great leader – Rizuan. He read a lot of books and had good knowledge. My roommate too, a great leader too! I am honestly happy to know all these leaders; I learn things from them sometimes. Oh ya, I realized something, good leaders read! It’s true. After dinner(very very full. My stomach very small already. Can’t accommodate much nowadays.), I was actually invited by the Australia friends to watch Pirate of the Carribians at Kuantan. I rejected them because I wanted to accompany my Indonesia friends since we will leaving each other soon. I am happy I was accepted at the two sides. Something that I am now very satisfied and happy about is the two groups of delegates could be mix together well yet. Still they stay with their own group despite two days of activities have been carried out together.

We went Sing K at a Karaoke. I sang four songs. Belaian Jiwa, Kenangan terindah, Nothing gonna stop my love for you and you raised me up! After that, we went to an adult merry go round. Did not really want to go up d. Scared of getting dizzy. But at last everyone was up and I followed too. Long time din play that already. Haha! Fun and thrill!!! Before going back to the lobby, I played the basketball shooting arcade game. I broke and set two records for the basketball machine today! 233 and 239 are my scores! Fuad and me played two games of billard before leaving back to my room. He won one game and I won one game. Great game dude!

I reached my room, bath and start writing this blog. Mean time, I gave a chance to Joey to plan something for EN society. I can see she got heart to do things, just that she don’t have a mentor and she is lazy sometimes. She need some directions! I gave her a task with one week timeline. Hope she can make it! I will only give her a chance to prove her HEART! All the best Joey!

Good night my parents, my friends and my love! (who? J)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Keep Fit Plan


I had enough!! I had enough!!
Stop insulting me and I will prove you all wrong! :)
My birthday will be the dateline! I will go clubbing full of confidence and I want to see you all regret! Muahaha!
If I can make it I will be completely BALD!!
Today is Day 1. Went for some jogging, some exercise because quite tired due to events. But I still do it!! Come on!!
I won't give up this time!! I LOVE TO BE CHALLENGED!! Make sure you all remember what you said while insulting me. Muahaha!!

Day: WEdsnesday
Date: 6.4.2011

I am still 21!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Resume Blogging

Date: 5.4.2011
Day: Tuesday

Did not blog for sometime already.
Was very, very, very busy with my stuff!

Just organized an event called Future Entrepreneurs Workshop!
Had some sharing for our juniors.
I invited a few speakers, Jason, Navin, Alvin and my mentor Ben with his partner Mark to share with us!
Glad to have a fruitfull event!

Now working on for UTAR Ball and Waltz, with Love!

Come on Wincent. I need to gambateh for everything already!!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stressful Week

Date: 21.3.2011
Day: Monday

I did not blog for a long time due to very busy with a lot of things.
Really hectic! I will be having a challenging week this week! LOADs of meetings and assignments and presentations.
Just told someone that I am stress... Thanks for comforting me.. :)
Monday - beginning
Sunday - the victory

Starting my adventure now!! Update soon!

EgoSky - Wincent Ch'ng
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